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La doble extrusión llega a las creality, y no lo hace de cualquier manera. Sin duda la apuesta más arriesgada de la familia Cr, la misma estabilidad y versatilidad que el modelo cr10 s pro pero con el plus de la doble extrusión. La máquina trae doble bowden y doble ventilación del extrusor para asegurar el correcto fluido de la extrusión y los cambios de color rápido.

Con una superficie de impresión única para las máquinas de doble extrusión (300x300x400 para extrusión única y 270x270x400 para doble extrusión). Si es lo que buscas no encontrarás competencia.

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3D print with the Creality CR-X two filaments, two colors or two different materials – ideal for additive manufacturing of complexe and colorful components

With the Creality CR-X you can 3D print two filaments, two colors or two different materials. The two filaments are stored on two spools and fed through a dual-extruder to the single nozzle. There they mix or extrude separately from each other – the choice is yours. The CR-X 3D printer's design and features make it ideal for additive manufacturing of complex components with two-color or water-soluble support structures. The assembly time takes about 15 minutes.

The most important novelties of the Creality CR-X:

  • Additive manufacture with two filaments or support materials of different colors and material properties
  • Two filaments, two extruders and one nozzle
  • Very large installation space of 300 x 300 x 400 mm
  • Integrated construction: Most of the electronics are built into the housing of the Creality CR-X
  • Innovative Carboloy Silicone Building Platform
  • Large 4.3-inch color touch screen

3D print with two filaments or support materials colorful and complex components – Realize overhangs

Use the Creality CR-X with two filaments and support materials to additively manufacture colorful and complex components. This 3D printer allows you to 3D print on a surface of 30 x 30 x 40 even large components. The innovative hotend enables you to create two-color 3D prints or a support structure for overhangs and bionic geometries. Moreover, the two extruders feed either the right or the left filament to the nozzle as required. Between a material change, they extrude residues onto a material block. This ensures that the colors do not blur.

Intuitive operation of the Creality CR-X 3D printer with touch screen

Control and operate your Creality CR-X 3D printer very easily, comfortably and precisely via its built-in touch-screen. Read all necessary information about your device in real time and optimize your additive manufacturing process.

Setting the building platform over five areas enables smooth levelling

The easy to use levelling screws allow you to quickly and easily level and optimally adjust the Creality CR-X construction platform. The touch screen always gives you an overview of the optimum entries for levelling. It guides you through the individual adjustment steps.

Removable glass plate with silicone plastic coating reduces warping and allows easy removal of your 3D printed objects

The removable glass plate with silicone plastic coating ensures that your components adhere well to the building platform during 3D printing. After your 3D printing process is complete, the objects can be removed very conveniently and easily by cooling the glass plate – without any annoying scratching.

Further improvements of the Creality CR-X 3D printer:

  • Enlarged power supply of the Creality CR-X allows the heating bed to warm up to 100 ° C in 6 minutes
  • Large and easy to use adjustment screws for the construction platform
  • Only one connecting cable between the control unit and the frame of the 3D printer
  • Two fans guarantee improved, faster and more efficient cooling
  • Process water-soluble filament – Use the second nozzle to use water-soluble support material; it dissolves easily in water, allowing you to create more beautiful surfaces in 3D
  • All-metal extruder with optimized strength, longer life and flexible adjustment for smarter 3D printing experience
  • Two Z-spindles ensure smoother and more even running
  • 3D prints resume after power outages for more reliable 3D prints and less wasted filament
  • Creality3D motherboard version 2.1: Complete upgrade, quality control, industrial quality, 200 hours of uninterruptible 3D printing


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